Hey javanese!! why i can't love you??!!! Jerk

I love Java. Everything about that. Javanese people, batik, places, songs (a little). Except Javanese lesson. Urgh. Javanese lesson always boring, there always tedious task. Especially the teacher. Just one word. Boreeeeeennnggggg -___-
Why Javanese lesson's teachers are always old??
Javanese lesson's system must be repaire, correct here and there and here and there.
We should give a new innovation. So, the student will be interest to learn Javanese. Right?
How we will preserve Javanese culture if the lesson is not interesting anymore. Grrrr.
How can I love Javanese?!!

(Nggak usah dimasukin hati ya, ini cuma curhatan anak sekolahan yang udah bosen dan capek nyari tugas bahawa jawa yg susahnya minta ampun naudzubilah asem nyet)

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