Say Hi to Skandie!

I just took a look from a Skandar's fanpage in Facebook (We Love Skandar) and i found many photos that you can't found in google! Grrr, dari mana ye dia dapetnya? Aku ambil 5 aja yaa :D Check it out!

Skandar's father Randal visited the Galapagos and came back with this
T Shirt for Sebastian Keynes the Giant Tortoise. Skandar has been
wearing it a lot. He is pretty cute!!!

Is he look weird? HAHAHA But He still cute anyway

This is one photo of him. Mmm i think this photo took when he still studied in London. He is sweet!!
OMG That's Skandy's body. K-e-r-e-m-p-e-n-g t right? But, guy who play guitar is like Skandie too. So which is the real Skandie?
Skandie with her Sister, Soumaya Keynes. Mirip yaa!!

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