Waiting for Holiday

Hey blogga :) long time no see, im busy with duty and exam--"

YES! finally the exam is over and yippie yippie i think my fights are not 'mubadzir' lol
my score is better than the last time i had report-_- they are awful
I've got 66 in Javanese and 63,33 in Physic, arrrrr i dont know why i can't stand that lesson. i wish i can get more next time.
i want to tell you about my nazar. i dont know how to say it in English but in Indonesia it named nazar. me and halin had to made our nazar. when we get rank 1-5 we will be fasting Monday&Thursday for 1 month! Okay. Halin didn't get that but i did!
Hah, so i must do that because nazar is a promise. Hard promise.
So please pray for me to survive when i do my nazar lol. just kidding :)

Hoooooooooooooooooooolidaaayyy i'm coming!!
Dear God, please make my last holiday before 9 grade be a awesome and unforgettable holiday ever in my life (?) :)

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