still boring

rr.. today there are so many peolpe asked me like "what are you doing?" , "what's up?" , "gie uphu?(????)", and whatever. that are absolutely disturbing me and that are so flat-_- yes, i know that we dont have any topics to discuss, but i really bored with that question. next time, please ask me with another question okay;P
hmm.. you know what? today is ALAY DAYS! i just knew that today is alay days from twitter, that were so many people tweeted about it. and also tweetes with alay style like "cheLlammadh haRri @L4y eaa baGgi iAnK meRraiiaakandh^_^" OMG thats so euuhhhh :$
alay style is so difficult to do, because that is so complex. hmm, i confess that i was a sincere alay ;DD okay, i dont wanna talk about it again-_-

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