soap opera

now, i wanna talking about soap opera (read as: sinetron). sinetron in indonesia always talking about love..love..love.. and love, about the rich person and the poor person, about friendship who destroyed by love, and about amnesia! oh my God, the stories often be repeated and repeated. how can people can stand with that predictable stories-_- i am very very feel bored with that! okay, moments ago I have been infatuated with a soap opera, namely angel's diary. Initially, the story was pretty interesting, but over time began to dull and began longer and longer. even now there is angel's Diary 2! oh my Lord-_- okay, the others example is Tersanjung, of course you know that. i also have been very very infatuated with that soap opera. people around Indonesia (hiperbola gue) also loves that, so that soap opera got longer and longer until Tersanjung 6-_- crazy ya? and there are so many many many soap opera like that, i am very tired to write all of that, so keep on watchin' good program yeaa!

okay, i know i am 'sok menggurui' -_-

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