A day with 'em

Yesterday, we got our 1st outdoor study to some beaches; Sundak, Krakal & Baron.
Und das ist fantastich :)
Semacam pengungsian korban lumpur lol =))

My boys classmates :)

Unyunyaaa :3

From right: Febti-Nissa-Della-Nilta-Anya-Nisa Kw-Hasna R :)

From right: Nisa Kw-Nilta-Sheila-Gandhes-Qiqi-Della-Halina :D

Foto angkatan awyeeeaaaaa!!!! :))

Ini foto intermezzo... 69 <3 The last day with Karin :')

And this......
What we called happiness and family :)

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