all you said is pray

Hello :-) Long time no see. Well, i'm quite busy with my exam(s). There are soooo many exam; school exam, tpm, practice, and many more. I got a course every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Haaammm, so i think after all of this business is over, i'll go to the laundry and wash my brain there. Or if i cant, i'll throw it out to the rubbish bean. asdfghjklol =D
I've got my school exams last week. and I'm not too sure about it: (if you can, I want to redo everything from scratch again. I wasn't ready when I do it. aaaaaa. And guess what? this day exactly 22 days before the national exam. 

Am I ready? Are you ready? Are we all ready? I still haven't quite ready.

I'm afraid.
I'm afraid I'll lost something. I'm very very very sloppy, in any case. especially in the exam.urgh!

so, I'll be back on my busy now. To blogwalking who have made ​​time to stop by, pleaseleave a message on the 'guest talked'. Ohya, dont forget to visit my tumblr page. I'm crazy with this stuff lol

I'm sorry for my friends with you, I often act funny, embarrassing, unpleasant, boring,sloppy, and other bad habits. pray for my success in my exams, and get into that high school I want; SMAN 3 Yogyakarta. Good luck to all! especially Pawitikra 2011! If we believe we can, we certainly can! Strong as my resolve reef! asdfghjklol. Adieu!

Keep in touch & Wish me luck!

Nilta Farah Shabrina.
Always hopin '

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