Yeaaah, gimme H, gimme U, gimme R, and R again, gimme A, gimme Y and shout HURRAY!!
What the hell is going on with my brain? its already hot and i think i just need some annoying people to let off it. Some annoying people? Yeah you know who. thats him and her and him and her. who? i dont know.

Hey Nilta? what are you talking about?
I dont know.I feel confused. I feel fragile. I feel useless.Like nodoby's needs me like i needs them.
Okay, stop being stupid and fooling your self anyway
I just wanna share my happiness because the test is over yeaaaayyyy!!!
Well, just the 'semesteran' that is over. Now the new test is begin! uwaaa
Simulasi UN or whatever that is called was very annoying. today was the first day and i've felt mumeeeeeeeeeeetttttt. Someone help meeeeeee!!!
my score at science was very awful and i must do remedi hellyeah
Okay, UNAS is just 4 months later. 4 MONTHS?? Do you think i can catch my lesson behind?? nonono i need more time!!!

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