Hello blogger, i'm so sorry i wasn't update my blog haha
i become busy and busier than before aaaa, i think i need more holiday!!!
now my head like a car on the bumpy road, bump bump bump aaa headache-_-
oyeah i've got my lesson course yesterday and mmmm i am in one class with someone aarrghh i hate her!!
gabby gabby gabby gabby gabby
Ooopppsss lol lol lol *Evillaugh*
and you know what? everybody in the class *except the boys for sure, talks about her
and they don't like her too, cik acik :DD

I dont have anything to share about this week. Except that gabby girl of course.
But i think i can't talk more here.
it is a forbidden topic. haram. lol.

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