Everything is changing rapidly

Ages ago, Friendster was the cool place of the world (I think-_-)
My friends are so many hehe, why I even vent about?
(It was longer vent ahaha-_-)
If I already hold friendster so i'll forget everything
Oya, in friendster was the first time I had an acquaintance with you
My goodness that was very 'Abal' to fell in love with the person on the internet
BUT, then he went to school in the same place with me haha

That's really surprising but I'm happy!

Then, Friendster began to recede, replaced by facebook.

Well, in this site I began more near with you.

From the wall until the message anyway (CEILE APAAN SIH-_-)

The point was if we are dealing again about a month so maybe we invented (ngarep abis!)

But because of the existence of a barrier that I think do not need to be discussed here
, we stopped.
Yes, and this was the end of our mm.. (what i can say it? relationship? grr of course not) our PDKT. Oh, think this is my PDKT, not his-_- Yes there it haha.
From the moment I still can not forget him, until now anyway.

Well, but I've found someone else.
Maybe you not perfect as him.
Less! Yah my friends told me the first guy was really cute, is he? the second guy is really good-looking, pretty sweet:))
I dont know if him stupid or smart haha, I think ordinary deh. Both labile-_-
Does he exist? I do not like people who are too exist. Maybe he is a little exist. (Oops, it's a clue!)
Me and him (now, not the 'perfect' guy) got near about the end of 2009.

We're here all the sms stage: 3
But a suddenly it stop (again!). Huh I guess I'm not blessed haha
Until now is still pretty and all, but already can not really just like the past. Huuu so sad if remember that: '(
In a two-year intervals I've second heartbreak. All in 2009. Grrr damn!
Now, i'm still loving him. And why does i can't stop loving him??

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