I Hate Holiday

Why my holiday always be a s*ck moment?
oohh i really miss my school, althought i hate fact that now i am on 9th grade-_- i miss my 2009. That's my year. Grrr..
And guess what? kuota m2 gue tinggal 100 mb woy! padahal jatahnya masih tgl 17 Juli! Rese ah ini m2
Why that people always go anywhere with they family every holiday?
you know, i never go anywhere when i got holiday. paling pol ya ke rembang-_- and there, i am doing nothing. just eat, watching tv, play with my cousins. sama aja kaya di rumah kali!

Now, gue lagi ribut nih sama chat box nyebelin bgt failed mulu. gue ganti shoutmix aja ah
tapi besok deh, habis tgl 17 juli hrrrr
What a boring holiday

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