some days ago i've watched Angel's Diary, and i looked for May, Satria's Mom's nurse. and i think that her face is looks like Arina, Mocca's vocalist? are you think so with me?

im sorry i cant get May's photo because i dont know her real name-_-
please dont think so with me (lol) because i am wrong . whereas i've been debated with my mom, she said that May isn't Arina. rr, wait a minute.. the guys who played in kopi abc moka are mocca band, aren't they? zz, yesterday i guess that guys are Mocca's crew-_- because the structure of that guys like the structure of Mocca's. hell yeah. i am so knowleadgeably. do you know knowleadgeably? yeah, that is "sok tahu. everybodies around me called me knowleadgeably
Anyway, Mocca is a really awesome! their songs are so me :)

all that i need now is the rain to fall from the sky
to wash away my pain inside

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